What we do

Bespoke Change is committed to creating enduring transformation within your organisation through a relentless focus on bringing your employees on the change journey. We firmly believe that the benefits of change can be achieved “first-time” and your business can avoid the cost and delay of failed transformation projects that are so often experienced.

Our approach is flexible to adapt to your business, but is underpinned by 3 core aspects:

  • A relentless focus on people-change: Whether it is a digital transformation or a change in process or structures, people must be at the core of the change. Our approach is to help you build a clear vision for change that is collectively owned across your business.
  • A balanced portfolio of change: Most organisations do not have the luxury of changing one thing at a time and need to combine multiple initiatives. Our approach is to help you create a  strategic and sequenced change portfolio that people can understand and absorb without being overwhelmed.
  • A network of capable change leaders: In our experience change will not be successful if centrally driven in isolation from your networks and communities of people. We help you to create the right structures and change hubs supported by capable leaders of change throughout this network.
Who we are

Established in 2017, Bespoke Change is an independent change management consultancy born out of a passion to help organisations to build sustainable change at great value.

Its Director, Mike Fekete ( ), has 20+ years of experience of leading change across the public and private sectors, ranging from advising large-scale infrastructure companies with 35,000+ employees to a small family business embarking on its growth strategy.

Through our access to an associate network of experienced transformation leaders, we will work in partnership with you to build the necessary capability within your organisation for change to become sustainable.

At Bespoke Change we understand how best to succeed with transformation but are flexible to tailor our approach to what works for your business culture.

How we work

We want to change the traditional approach of a large team of full-time consultants who are with you for months, or even years, at a desk five days a week. Instead we will bring experts in their field who are flexible to work to your needs, whether that be a short burst of days or weeks, or a part-time assignment for longer. That way you invest at best value for money with a focus on building internal capability and achieving business benefits.

We also have key partnerships with leadership and change training experts to bring in additional capacity and support where required.

Due to our size we can provide you with:

  • A tailored and flexible approach to change that works for your business
  • Experienced people who have personally led change and know what works
  • Value for money compared to the traditional consulting market


Michael's extensive experience in HM Treasury and public-private sector partnerships meant that he could quickly guide the team to focus on a business case approach that would be credible and robust with key senior stakeholders. He is very credible engaging with client Board-level stakeholders and was a real asset to the team.

Partner  |  Consulting Firm

Bespoke Change have managed to help us see a different future vision and a way of getting there - something we have been trying to do for many years. If in doubt call them and they will definitely help. You won't regret it.

Managing Director  |  Family-owned technology company

This was one of the first change programmes in the business to engage with us and ask us what we really needed

Business Unit Director  |  Transport Provider