Creating Sustainable Transformation

Do you find your change initiative stalling during the implementation phase? Whether or not you have undertaken early engagement to get support for your change programme, you are still likely to meet significant resistance from individuals or teams during the implementation phase. Your initial solutions may have changed, or people’s views have developed as the change has evolved, often leading to conflict.

Or perhaps you know you need to change, but the options have become muddled and you can no longer see a clear path for change. Bringing in an external view for a targeted and focused period of time can help to demystify the options and provide clarity for you to make the decision you need, whether you are a large or small business.

Coaching & Conflict Resolution
How we work….

Bespoke Change has experience in helping in these circumstances through coaching and workshop facilitation for both individuals and teams. Whether you are a family run business, or a large multinational, this targeted support can rapidly help unblock the situation you face and save time and cost in the future, either by accelerating the necessary change or helping to make the right choices upfront. We bring a fresh pair of eyes that can help you achieve this clarity

In a short period of time we can rapidly help you: 

  • Clarify options for change and provide a clear roadmap for you to implement
  • Identify strategies for resolving work-based conflict and finding a change solution
  • Coach, mentor and help recruit your change teams to build long-term capability
  • Act as an independent member on Programme and Governance Boards
Bespoke Change have managed to help us see a different future vision and a way of getting there - something we have been trying to do for many years. If in doubt call them and they will definitely help. You won't regret it.

Managing Director  |  Family-owned technology company