Creating Sustainable Transformation

Is your business facing rapid market disruption? Are you seeking to introduce digital transformation at the same time as needing to improve your processes and change organisational roles? Are your people feeling overwhelmed with the volume of change coming at once?

Many companies are in this position, with a strategy for change and lots of ideas in place, but without the structure to turn this into a sequenced and balanced portfolio of change, that people right across the business understand and have the time to deliver alongside their current job.

It is very rare that the ideas for change within the company are inappropriate but how do you prioritise which ones are going to deliver the greatest benefit, and take the difficult decision to pause those which may be good but not essential? And how do you involve people in this process?

Change Portfolio
How we work

Our approach to sequencing and balancing your organisational change portfolio starts from early prioritisation involving not just the top leadership team, but experts across the business who understand the change needed and will ultimately make or break the change.

In a short period of time we can rapidly help you:

  • Define the portfolio of change that supports your business strategy and targets the highest benefit areas;
  • Balance and sequence the portfolio of change over time to give a more realistic prospect of achieving those benefits.
  • Plan and manage the impact of your change portfolio with the people who are going to make the change a reality.
  • Set up regular reporting so you understand what is happening and can make decisions to re-sequence and prioritise as your business changes.
This was one of the first change programmes in the business to engage with us and ask us what we really needed

Business Unit Director  |  Transport Provider

Thank you for all the experience, energy and effort you put into your work for me whilst you were here. We came a long way and I couldn't have got this far without your help.

Head of Business Change  |  UK Infrastructure Network Provider