Creating Sustainable Transformation

Is your organisation undertaking multiple investments in projects that will deliver change? Do you have an established project management approach but not sure whether you always fully realise the benefits from these investments? Are you using multiple approaches across different parts of your business leading to duplication and confusion?

Many organisations are strong at project delivery and achieve clear outputs. But how does this translate into a shift in capability and achieving outcomes that realise tangible benefits in return for the initial investment that was made? Developing a single integrated methodology to transformation that incorporates the core elements of programme management, benefits management and people-change management is critical to achieving organisational change on a sustainable basis.

Benefit Delivery
How we work….

We will not start from scratch but seek to enhance your organisation’s current approach with any critical gaps and ensure that it is fully embedded as a single methodology across your organization that everyone understands and uses. That way we maximise the investment and knowledge you have already in the business and focus on making it efficient and reducing duplication of process and governance.

Based on our experience of working with many organisations, we find the best approach is to work with your teams to co-design the optimal solution that fits your culture and current change maturity. We ensure that any methodology adopted is easy to understand and apply for users across the business, and is coordinated in one place.

In a short period of time we can rapidly help you:

  • Develop an integrated approach to programme, benefits and change management.
  • Understand how to make tools practical and simple to use
  • Achieve a flexible design to make best use of in-house and external methodologies
  • Provide a greater focus on benefit realisation planning and measurement
Bespoke Change brought a fresh approach, with a real focus on simplicity, structure, co-delivery with internal teams to build capability, and ultimately achieving tangible benefits. It was first-rate.

CFO FTSE Technology  |  FTSE250 Technology Company

Michael's extensive experience in HM Treasury and public-private sector partnerships meant that he could quickly guide the team to focus on a business case approach that would be credible and robust with key senior stakeholders. He is very credible engaging with client Board-level stakeholders and was a real asset to the team.

Partner  |  Consulting Firm

Your approach to creating industry engagement and participation, such as through the conference recently held delivered a step change in the way this programme is perceived

Director Digital Transformation  |  Transport