Creating Sustainable Transformation

Is your business seeking to undertake major and rapid digital transformation? Are you confident you have invested the time and energy to engage a wide community of employees in the change strategy? Have the experts in your business simply been given the task of implementing change, or have they been actively involved in designing the solution?

Often the change solution is the first thing that gets business leader’s attention – whether that be a shiny new piece of technology or a new organisational structure – but it then becomes much harder to engage a wider group of people if they have not been involved in the process.

Often these change solutions would be more effective with input from the people who are going to use them. So how do you focus on creating these conditions and take an outcome and benefit focused approach with flexibility for adjusting the solution? And how do you engage people effectively?

People-led Change
How we work….

Our approach is to invest early in the programme to engage a wide cross-section of people to create a collective vision for change and help design the change road map. This can be done quickly and effectively using a combination of interventions including face-to-face sessions and online solutions to minimise business disruption.

In a short period of time we can rapidly help you:

  • Create a people-led change approach to support your transformation strategy and inform the change roadmap;
  • Develop and implement a targeted and effective stakeholder engagement strategy that is measurable and creates buy-in;
  • Use a variety of interventions to maximise participation of a wide pool of employees without disrupting day to day business
  • Create the conditions for people to input into the change solutions to feel greater ownership and ultimately increase the chances of success;
Because they are all experienced professionals the support and engagement we received from our partners at Bespoke Change was refreshingly practical and action focused.

Group Director of Finance  |  FTSE Media Company

Your approach to creating industry engagement and participation, such as through the conference recently held delivered a step change in the way this programme is perceived

Director Digital Transformation  |  Transport

Mike rapidly became a trusted adviser to me, giving me practical and sound advice to drive a step change in the change programme. He worked seamlessly as part of the integrated team to gain their confidence and coach them to succeed. I will certainly use Bespoke Change again

Vice President  |  Global Finance