People-led Change case study

Setting the business up for successful implementation of a £35m+ system investment through an integrated approach to benefits, change and programme management that delivers business results.


The organisation had a strategic vision to integrate disparate operational systems, across multiple functions, to create a more standardised employee experience. However it had not yet created the compelling shared vision or defined the changes needed to generate the benefits from this major investment. Bespoke Change was able to address this through introduction of an integrated approach to people, benefits and programme management.

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The Assignment

1: What needed to change?

The business had a vision for the transformation but had not yet defined:

  • A clear engagement strategy to drive awareness, understanding and commitment to the changes being implemented, and best practice approach to measuring and responding to business feedback.
  • A structured approach to defining and measuring benefits with clear business ownership;
  • A clear governance structure and handbook for operating the Programme Management Office (PMO);

2: The Objectives

To bring this together we supported the initiation of a transformation programme:

  • Bringing our expertise in benefits, change and programme management
  • To help all parts of the business understand how to successfully plan for and implement the change.

3: Our Assignment

Bespoke Change were engaged to support in three key areas of the transformation:

  • BUSINESS CASE & BENEFITS: Defining and agreeing with lead business owners the key benefits from change.
  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Setting up an appealing and consistent approach to enable business leaders to communicate and plan change effectively.
  • PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT: Setting up and operating a PM Office (PMO) to support the business leadership with the right level of agility and governance control.

4: Our Approach

Our approach was to work with existing internal teams to:

  • Take the best of the tools and approaches that worked internally
  • While enhancing with tools from our integrated change framework that brings together best practice across programme, change and benefits management.

This meant we could provide agile and easy to use tools for the programme team to adopt, without slowing down progress.

5: Outcomes

  • Partnering with internal teams to bring the best of our external experience, tailored to what works for the business, we have been recognized for our business-leading PMO approach that has been used as a blueprint across the rest of the organisation.
  • Our change management approach puts the end user (employee, partner, supplier) at the heart of the change to deliver compelling engagement.

6: Ongoing Benefits

The programme will go-live in early 2023 based on the three key elements of programme, change and benefits management being firmly in place.

This upfront investment early in the programme to bring in external support has enabled internal capability to be developed ready for the final stages of implementation.