Business Case case study

A publicly owned company in the U.K was at the start of developing its business case to fund the transformation required over the following ten years, based on a range of interventions including technology, data, people and process change.

The strategy was in place but not yet supported by a comprehensive business case with underpinning economic benefits. Bespoke Change supported a joint client and consultancy project team to create a rapid Outline Business Case in a short period of time, providing expert input based on our understanding of Government and the development of Green Book business cases. This led to the creation of a robust and credible business case suitable for communication with key stakeholders.

Client at a glance
United Kingdom
Publicly owned company
Change Portfolio
10 year plan

The Assignment

1: What needed to change?

An initial assessment of the business found that:

  • The business case had a clear strategy
  • The approach to economic benefit assessment was not developed
  • Engagement with key stakeholders had not been developed

2: The Objectives

The business agreed the following objectives for the 6 week assignment:

  • Create a compelling strategic case for the transformation
  • Develop a robust and credible methodology for the economic case
  • Advise on how best to engage with key stakeholders within Government

3: Our Assignment

Michael Fekete, Director of Bespoke Change provided expert advice to the joint team during the 6 week project

  • Role: Senior Adviser
  • Reporting: to Partner, Consulting Firm
  • Duration: 6 weeks initial assignment, part-time

4: Our Approach

The key elements of this assignment included:

  • Engagement workshops with the business to understand the strategy
  • Advice on strategic approach for economic benefits methodology
  • Advice on how best to structure documents and engage with key government stakeholders

5: Outcomes

Through our engagement with this client we ensured that:

  • The business case developed was compliant with the Government’s Green Book
  • A greater focus was placed on early stakeholder engagement
  • The methodology for economic benefit assessment was robust and transparent

6: Ongoing Benefits

Our commitment to creating long-term sustainable change is evident in this case:

  • Early engagement will achieve a greater level of buy-in to the business case
  • Credibility of the business is retained through the approach taken
  • Recommendations were provided to guide development of the final business case stage