People-led Change case study

Digital transformation often starts with the solution; the shiny piece of kit developed by expert engineers in their field.

However in this case a major transformation in the transport sector that impacted not just a single company but was industry wide required a different approach to gain consensus across multiple stakeholder groups.

Michael Fekete, Bespoke Change’s Director led the stakeholder engagement strategy for the programme with a focus on creating an industry and government partnership based around customer outcome improvements and key evidence points demonstrating the value of the proposed change.

Client at a glance
Great Britain
c.25,000 inc supply chain
Change Portfolio
affects 10m+ customers

The Assignment

1: What needed to change?

An initial assessment of the business change found that:

  • There was an inconsistent level of understanding and commitment to the change
  • The digital solution had overlooked the need for engaging people around outcomes
  • Critical proof points were need to enhance credibility

2: The Objectives

The business agreed the following objectives:

  • Create a targeted stakeholder engagement strategy to secure government funding
  • Collaborate and strengthen partnerships across industry to achieve consensus
  • Communicate the early successes and proof points in a digestable format

3: Our Assignment

Michael Fekete, Director of Bespoke Change led the design and delivery of the engagement strategy

  • Role: Head of Engagement
  • Reporting: to Programme Senior Responsible Owner
  • Duration: 12 months+

4: Our Approach

The key elements of this assignment included:

  • Defining a targeted engagement strategy with key metrics
  • Creating industry and government engagment through hosted events and workshops
  • Publishing clear and compelling evidence of the transformation’s success

5: Outcomes

Through our engagement with this client:

  • Government announced a further phase of funding for the programme
  • Industry collaboration began to mature and a collective voice for change seen
  • Greater positive advocacy was achieved

6: Ongoing Benefits

Our commitment to creating long-term sustainable change is evident in this case:

  • A balanced approach between people and technology change was achieved
  • The programme had a stable platform for long-term change
  • A collective voice for change allowed for more rapid implementation