Organisation Design case study

A global FTSE250 software company wanted to drive productivity and cost reduction in their Global Finance Operations making use of the recently implemented single system. Through creating clear performance metrics and benchmarking we helped them move closer to best-in-class performance and cost for a Finance Function.


The Finance team had a high-level strategy for change but needed our support to work with the global operational teams to create a shared vision and roadmap for change, and then support the design and delivery of process and structure change to drive tangible benefits. Through building a clear case for change, vision, plan and putting in place the right capability the programme objectives were successfully achieved.

Client at a glance
United Kingdom
FTSE250 Technology
1,000+ Finance
Change Portfolio
£10m+ in-year benefits

The Assignment

1: What needed to change?

The INITIATE phase diagnosed the current situation and found the need to:

  • Drive more focus on end-end process
  • Remove functional silos within organisation structure
  • Create a service-led culture

2: The Objectives

The shared vision was defined and an aligned business case developed with an objective to:

  • Create a service-led Finance function
  • Based on end-end processes and team structures
  • Supported by £10m of cost savings

3: Our Assignment

Bespoke Change were engaged over 9 months to work in partnership with the business teams to design, mobilise and deliver the programme of change tied to the above objective. This included:

  • Programme leadership, operating model design and programme governance.
  • A consultant aligned to each business workstream to support  the business leader.
  • Creation of long-term capability to implement future change programmes.

4: Our Approach

We developed a structured programme of change based on 3 phases, each over 3 months to create visible progress and momentum:

  • INITIATE: We diagnosed the current situation & enabled the business to build a Shared Vision.
  • DESIGN: We designed detailed End-End Process, Organisation Structure & Capabilities.
  • DELIVER: We enabled the business to execute and realise agreed business case benefits.

5: Outcomes

Through our commitment to partnering with the business and engagement we were able to achieve the programme objectives “first-time right” and implement a new service-led approach focused on:

  • RIGHT WORK: Work stopped where it did not align to strategic value.
  • RIGHT SIZE: Clear performance dashboard to manage demand and drive decisions.
  • RIGHT STRUCTURE: End-to-end process and structure to improve productivity.

6: Ongoing Benefits

In line with our commitment to delivery we helped the business to achieve £10m+ in-year benefits and 15% beyond its original expectation.


Beyond these sustainable monetary benefits, the Finance teams are now aligned to a single set of end-end processes and an operating model that drives focus on service levels.